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Buyer’s Guide to LED Lighting for your Commercial Space

Buyer’s Guide to LED Lighting for your Commercial Space

A primary focus when installing lighting in a commercial or industrial space that requires an abundance of light, especially spaces with high ceilings, is sourcing lighting products that are specifically designed this purpose and space configuration. When selecting lighting for this purpose, it’s important to choose commercial and industrial lighting that will light your space as efficiently as possible, both in terms of quality light output and in energy-efficiency.

Cost-effective lighting solutions are also a top priority, especially when lighting large spaces, and LEDs offer just that, with energy savings turning into cost savings for you. Whether you choose tube lighting, high bays, or anything in between, Parmida LED has a high-performance lighting solution for you. To shop Commercial/Industrial Lighting, click here!

Switching from Fluorescents to LEDs

There are several types of LED lighting that are great choices to install in a commercial or industrial space. While they might differ in terms of style or function, one feature that remains consistent throughout is their LED technology.

Making the decision to switch from fluorescents to LEDs is easier than ever. LED lighting boasts great features that are all both time and cost-saving, such as high-performance, 50,000+ hour lifespan, decreased maintenance, and unparalleled energy-efficiency.

To read more about reasons to convert to LED lighting, check out our top 10 reasons here.

1. T8 Tubes

T8 Tubes offer a simple solution for retrofitting your existing tube lighting when switching from fluorescents to LEDs. With our T8 Tubes, you can choose to install using either the plug-and-play method with a compatible ballast, or you can bypass the ballast and directly wire your lights for increased energy savings. These tubes offer easy installation, and come in 4 FT and 8 FT sizes, and a choice of Frosted or Clear lens for whatever your lighting needs may be. With a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, these tubes are made to last for several years without needing replacements. T8 Tubes are great for commercial spaces such as offices, schools, and retail.

2. High Bay Lights

High bay lighting offers a fantastic lighting solution for most spaces, including warehouses and large facilities, as they can mount to ceilings up to 80 FT in height and provide high quality light output. This high-performance LED high bay light boasts a low profile, includes a 40-inch suspension mounting cable and V-hooks, while featuring easy-installation to make retrofitting and switching from your fluorescents easier than ever. Another great feature is “hard pipe” wiring, which allows you to connect several lights in a continuous row. This product is dimmable, motion sensor compatible, and has solid, aluminum housing and a frosted polycarbonate lens to prevent rust and discoloration. These dimmable lights have a lifespan of over 60,000 rated hours at L80, with a projected life of over 100,000 hours for reduced life cycle maintenance costs.

3. Canopy Lights

Parmida LED Canopy Lights are a great solution for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs, as they are rated IP65. You can install them anywhere to greatly illuminate your space without any blind spots. They are even compatible with 0-10V dimmers. This light is durable with a rust-proof die-cast aluminum housing and is finished with a UV stabilized powder coat paint to protect against fading. Canopy lights are built to last and are a great solution for illuminating targeted areas that do not have exceptionally high ceilings such as parking lots, gas stations, and garages.

4. Wall Pack Lights

Wall pack lights offer targeted outdoor lighting that can enhance and illuminate any area. The Parmida LED Wall Pack Light is constructed with a heat and shock-resistant borosilicate glass lens. It also has a rust and corrosion proof die-cast aluminum housing, to protect against fading and weathering. This construction creates a light that can withstand extreme climate changes and maintain its durability. Not only are these lights dimmable, but they are also photocell compatible. This photocell compatibility allows you to equip your light with a compatible sensor of your choice to give you additional features such as motion sensor capability, dusk-to-dawn capability, and more. These potential capabilities encourage optimal energy efficiency. Parmida LED also offers a Mini Wall Pack Light that is also rated IP65 that is already enabled with dusk-to-dawn sensor capability. Wall pack lights are great for general outdoor illumination for your warehouse or facility and are a great way to enhance safety and security.

No Matter What Style you Choose, LEDs are the Best Option

With all of these fantastic options to choose from, there is no wrong answer. Parmida LED has something to fit your every need. With the energy-efficiency of LEDs available to you and your commercial or industrial space, you can guarantee significant time and cost-savings when you make the switch.

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