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Your Guide to Outdoor LED Security Lighting

Your Guide to Outdoor LED Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an important addition to any area. However, it’s even more important when being installed for security and safety purposes. Whether it’s for your home or your business, making your outdoor space secure is important. When it comes to security lighting the options are endless: from motion sensors, all the way to dusk-to-dawn setting features.

When purchasing security lighting, you want to make sure you’re getting the best lights for you. Some features to consider include performance, maintenance, and security. LED lighting is a great way to achieve all of this when installing your outdoor lighting, as they offer high-performance, low maintenance, and improved security.

Advantages of LED Security Lights

There are several advantages to purchasing LED security lighting over other types of lighting like fluorescent or incandescent. Let’s take a closer look:

LEDs Offer Energy Efficiency and Longevity
LED lighting offers energy-efficient technology that allows your lights to use less power while still emitting the same or higher lumens count. This will save you money on your electricity bill while also allowing you to implement more “green” technology. On average, LEDs last over 50,000 hours and are typically maintenance-free. This is an attractive feature for outdoor security lighting; not only can the lighting be installed and subsequently forgotten about thanks to its low maintenance, but its long lifespan will significantly reduce repairs and replacements. LEDs also offer “instant-on” technology that does not waste any excess energy that is not found in other inefficient types of bulbs such as fluorescents.

Reliable, Safe, and Secure
When it comes to security lighting, you want your lights to be reliable. You want to know they are working as promised, and to not have to think too much about them or their performance. LED lighting offers bright and high-quality light output that will light your outdoor space effectively.

What Should You Keep in Mind Before Buying?

It’s important to take note of several factors when choosing security lighting, especially outdoor lighting. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Location

You will need to look for a security light that will fit the needs of the space, with consideration to where it will be mounted. It’s important to find a fixture that can be mounted to the surface where you plan to install it, and to ensure that fixture can provide enough light for the area.

2. Lumens

Another factor to consider is the desired lumens output. The lumens count determines the light and brightness output of the light. Depending on your situation, this can be up to personal preference. To learn more about lumens, click here. Additionally, LEDs provide more accurate color temperature rendition and provide a whiter light than other types of inefficient lighting.

3. Beam Angle

Deciding on a light with a suitable beam angle for your outdoor area is very important. The beam angle will determine the angle that the light will cover and therefore the direction and how much area the light will cover.

4. Weatherproof

If you’re planning to install outdoor lighting, it’s important that your light is suitable and safe for outdoor use, meaning that it can withstand severe or sudden changes in climate, and other weather conditions you may experience in your area. You may want to look for lighting with a durable finish, allowing it to withstand the effects of the elements over time. You might consider security lighting made with durable rust-proof materials such as aluminum, and avoid delicate materials like filament and glass. You should look for an IP65 rating on your security light to ensure it will be safe and reliable outdoors.

Since LED lighting does not need time to warm up to be fully functional like fluorescents do, LEDs are a great choice for outdoor lighting and reduce the risk of shattering and other complications.

5. Motion Sensors and Dusk-to-Dawn Features

Security lighting with features such as motion sensors, dusk-to-dawn setting capabilities, and more, offer a low maintenance security light that does all the work for you. Thanks to the “instant-on” technology of LEDs, this will make motion sensor capabilities on your light even more efficient.

One of the most attractive features of security lighting is that they can include motion sensors, which usually comes with a dusk-to-dawn setting. Depending on the light you purchase, there can be several different sensor capabilities.

Motion sensors and dusk-to-dawn settings, whether individual or paired together, are a popular choice for security lighting. In most cases, with motion sensors, your security lights will only turn on when the light detects movement. This is a great feature for optimizing the usage and energy savings of your lights. Dusk-to-dawn capabilities will allow your light to be set to only come on at dusk as the sun sets and turn off at dawn as the sun rises. This is a great feature to have so you will not have to continuously set or check your security light.

Verdict: Choose the LED Security Light that Best Fits your Space

Overall, it’s most important that you select a light that will best fit your lighting requirements. Thanks to their energy-savings and longevity, LED lighting will allow you to optimize the capabilities of your security lights for either commercial or residential spaces.

Shop Parmida LED Outdoor Security Lighting

Stay tuned for the launch of the Parmida LED Dual Head and Single Head Adjustable Outdoor Security Lights, both motion sensor equipped. This motion sensor light offered in both Single Head or Dual Head, offers you the choice of it being USB Rechargeable or Solar Panel Rechargeable. The adjustable nature of this LED light will allow you to position and customize the light as you wish, while also enjoying great energy and cost-savings.

Parmida LED offers even more options for outdoor security lighting, including the Wall Pack Light and the Mini Wall Pack Light. With the Mini Wall Pack Light equipped with dusk-to-dawn capability, and the Wall Pack Light photocell compatible to allow you to customize the sensor features and settings you want, there are endless options for IP65-rated LED lights that can fit any space.

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