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What is the Operation Temperature of LEDs?

What is the Operation Temperature of LEDs?

Buying new lights for your home is an exciting task, especially when you’re revamping your lighting design! However, style and aesthetics aren’t the only things you’ll need to focus on when selecting your new LED lights. You will also need to prioritize the function of your LEDs. So many LEDs have different operating temperatures, and it’s important to install them where they can function optimally.

Parmida LED T8 Tubes have an operating temperature that ranges from –25 degrees F to 140 degrees F, and our downlights operate between –13 degrees F and 176 degrees F. Depending on which lighting product you decide to purchase, the light’s ability to withstand certain temperatures will vary. However, our lights can typically be used in most indoor and outdoor settings, and can thrive in a variety of climates and temperatures. If you’re thinking of using your lights either outdoors or bathrooms where the lights might be exposed to water, make sure to check the wet or damp-location rating before purchasing. To learn more about wet-location and damp-location rated lights, and which ones are best for your space, click here.

Built to Last in Various Climates

Your LEDs are built to last for several years so placing them in spaces where they can thrive is beneficial. That said, the technology and craftmanship of LEDs are designed to withstand fluctuation in temperature, unlike traditional fluorescent lights. In cold temperatures, they do not require time to warm up which can risk shattering, and in hot temperatures they usually do not experience any drop in function or quality. Parmida LEDs are built to maintain their high performance and light output in several climates and can withstand a wide range of temperature fluctuations.

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