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California’s Ban on Inefficient Light Bulbs

California’s Ban on Inefficient Light Bulbs

As we become more and more conscious of what is required to take care of our planet, we are all finding new ways to be more eco-friendly and sustainable in our habits. These discussions and changes are being made around the world by individuals and by regulatory bodies as new bills get passed and new practices are put in place. One of the main conversations surrounds energy efficiency and ways to become green, especially in lighting.

In recent years, California has made energy efficiency a focus by working towards completely eliminating incandescent bulbs, as they are not energy efficient, and there are now significantly better options available such as LEDs. In the effort to tackle this issue collectively, laws in California changed, and the marketplace shifted. Since the beginning of the transition in January 2018, remaining stock of incandescent and other energy-inefficient bulbs were able to remain on shelves while their supplies lasted, new supply was not eligible to be sold in California. Now, as of January 2020, California has banned the sale of bulbs that are not deemed energy-efficient.

What Can I Expect?

Enforcing these new efficiency standards will bring a change to the way you shop for lighting if you live in California. While you may have noticed old-school bulbs being phased out for many years, and have possibly already switched to energy-efficient lighting, such as LEDs, these new laws will enforce these best practices. If you already have bulbs in your home that are not deemed energy-efficient, such as incandescent, you are able to still use them. However, while retailers are able to sell their non-compliant bulbs that have already been previously manufactured while their supplies last, stores will not be supplying any newly manufactured stock from retailers, and so you will not be able to purchase any new ones.

Exceptions to the Rule

As there are usually exceptions to every rule, you can expect a few with this one as well. While many types of bulbs do not meet the new efficiency standards and therefore will be pulled from shelves, there are some bulbs that have been excluded, namely specialty bulbs. In California, specialty bulbs include colored lights, black lights, and appliance lights to name a few.

Say Hello to LEDs!

Even though this ban has not yet been enforced across all states, in recent years there has been a slow progression to phasing out inefficient bulbs, including T8 and T12 Tube Fluorescent tube lights, to prepare the marketplace for these new standards. With so many types of lighting no longer being available, you might be asking what your alternatives are. LEDs are a great lighting investment when replacing your inefficient bulbs, and in fact, many have been making the switch for several years! LEDs offer a high-quality light output all while being energy-efficient. LEDs operate you the by using very low wattages to achieve a high number of lumens - to learn more about lumens and wattage, click here. The energy savings that your lights generate mean that your savings on your electricity will be significantly reduced as well. LEDs are known to have an incredibly long lifespan. Parmida LED lights offer an average lifespan of 50,000+ hours, meaning that they require virtually no replacements, which saves you time and money in the long-term as well.

Fully Certified LEDs in California

If you are new to buying LEDs in California, be sure to look out for lighting products that have an Energy Star stamp of approval and/or are Title 24 compliant. In accordance with California’s new energy efficiency standards, Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations contains the regulations that govern the construction of buildings in California. Lights with a Title 24-JA8 certification certifies that the light meets energy-efficiency requirements, and high quality and performance standards. Additionally, building codes in California require new construction homes to use high-efficacy lighting and meeting all of these standards, in order to comply with the new energy-efficiency standards. Similarly, look for an Energy Star marking as it will also ensure the energy-efficiency of your light and its quality of light brightness and distributions, especially when choosing lights for your home.

Most Parmida LED downlights are Energy Star certified and are Title 24-JA8 compliant, ensuring your new LED lights are energy-efficient. To read more about the top lighting certifications you should be aware of when buying, check out our guide here. These certifications are great to keep an eye out for, and will give you peace of mind about the all-around quality and function of your lighting product. If you are a resident of California, understanding these energy efficiency-focused certifications will help you become more familiar with the new efficiency standards, and with the best selection of lighting choices for your home.

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