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LED lights and their Lifespan: How Long Do They Last?

LED lights and their Lifespan: How Long Do They Last?

LEDs are one of the greatest technologies to exist for lighting, offering a genius solution to the often-frustrating issues that incandescent and fluorescent bulbs have. LED technology has been perfected and a formula created for safe, reliable, and cost-effective lighting that is energy-efficient while also having a long lifespan. LEDs are known to last for years and do not usually require a replacement, making them a favorite amongst both businesses and homeowners!

How Long Do LED Lights Last?

On average, Parmida LED lights last 50,000+ hours, allowing you to enjoy LED lights in your room for several years without needing to replace them. LED bulbs have created a much more functional lighting reality than the times of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Unlike their counterparts mentioned above, LEDs do not use extra energy when turning its light on or off, or when you dim or brighten your dimmable LEDs! This feature is one of the factors contributing to the long lifespan of LEDs. Additionally, the amount you dim your light will indicate how much energy it uses. When dimmed, your LED is using only a fraction of its capacity and will reflect in its overall length of lifespan.

When talking about the staying power of LEDs, it is important to note that while they have an incredibly long lifespan, they will not last forever. However, they will not stop working in the way you might be used to. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lighting that have been used for many decades, LEDs don’t flicker or suddenly stop working when they’ve reached their capacity. With LED lights, you can say goodbye to the surprise of a burnt-out light! In fact, LEDs will still produce a quality light output even when they start reaching the end of their lifespan.

LEDs are the Best Choice

LEDs offer a number of enticing features that will make the switch from fluorescent or incandescent bulbs easy. In addition to their energy-efficiency which saves money on your electricity bill, their long lifespan eliminates the extra time and costs that come with needing to make frequent bulb replacements due to burn-outs. With Parmida LED lights, you can enjoy high quality lights, a 5-year unlimited warranty, and an easy-installation process that you’ll only need to do once.

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