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Installing LED Downlights in Your Home

Installing LED Downlights in Your Home

When choosing to upgrade your lighting plan, a considerable part of the installation process is the actual installation itself. Once you’ve chosen the type of downlight design that fits your space, ensuring that your new lights are compatible with your existing recessed cans is key; the type of recessed can will determine the installation type of your downlights. The age of your home usually determines what kind of recessed can is likely to be already installed. Luckily, Parmida LED offers a variety of downlight styles all offering an installation type that can best fit your installation needs.

Determining the Best Installation Type for the Recessed Cans in Your Home

Whether your home has recessed cans that are brand new or decades old, rest assured that you will have an easy installation process with Parmida LED Downlights. Let’s take a look at the installation methods that best fit your home:

For Newer Homes: Spring-Installation
In newer homes, you will often find recessed cans that are equipped for lights that feature a Spring-Installation method. After connecting your adapters and connectors you will be able to begin the next phase of installation. With the Spring Installation method, you will be able to insert the downlight into your compatible recessed can with ease by squeezing and then releasing the torsion spring hooks securely into the slots of the can. This method installs the light securely into the can without any hassle!

For Older Homes: Easy Installation Tab
Homeowners will often face the challenge of ensuring that their new LED downlights will be compatible with the traditional cans often found in older homes. Many of our downlights can be purchased in the Easy Installation Tab type, designed specifically for this scenario. This installation type allows you to seamlessly retrofit your light into older cans that do not have the spring slots that newer cans do. After connecting your adapter to the recessed cans and marrying your female and male connectors, you can push the tabs on your new downlight to their most-extended position and easily push it into the can to securely install your light. The friction of the tabs will keep your light secure and in position. All that’s left to do is turn them on and enjoy your new space!
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