Slim Panel Downlights: Great Recessed Lighting for Your Space — Parmida LED Technologies
Slim Panel Downlights: Great Recessed Lighting for Your Space

Slim Panel Downlights: Great Recessed Lighting for Your Space

Recessed lighting offers a sleek, modern design option for whatever space you’d like. Selecting recessed lighting for your home can be challenging with so many options and styles to choose from – and that’s just the first phase. Phase 2 is installing them. Simple and hassle-free installation is just as important as a great aesthetic, and our LED Slim Panel Downights offer you just that!

Where can I Install Slim Panel Downlights?

Parmida LED Slim Panels come in both 4” and 6” and are very easy to install. They work well in narrow ceilings so you can easily install our Slim Panel lights in newly constructed homes, or you can choose to retrofit them as well. Slim Panel lights are low-profile and create a beautifully sleek look to any room in your home.

Installing Your Slim Panel Downlights

When designing our Slim Panel lights, easy installation was a top priority. In fact, all of our Slim Panel lights come equipped with a Junction Box as well as a Hole Cut-Out Template as a user-friendly guideline for measuring and cutting out the hole you plan to insert your light in.

Slim Panel lights are meant to be installed with a Junction Box, which allows you to easily access your wires while also keeping them contained and organized. Thanks to the Junction Box, you can easily push in your wire connectors. One of the main features of these recessed lights is because of the included junction box, you do not need to install them into a recessed can. Just cut out the hole in the ceiling using our cut out template, connect the wires, and push the j-box and fixture into the ceiling! This eliminates some of the time you would spend installing to a compatible recessed can and gives you a faster installation process. One of the best markers of a great product is when it allows you to simplify and improve your daily life, and our Parmida LED Slim Panel Downlights are sure to meet those expectations.

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