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The Difference Between Fluorescent and LED Tube Lighting...and Making the Switch

The Difference Between Fluorescent and LED Tube Lighting...and Making the Switch

Tube lighting is one of the most used kinds of lighting in commercial spaces and likely, you encounter tube lighting every day without even realizing. Whether Fluorescent or LED, it’s likely that you have seen these large lamps in hospitals, schools, office buildings, department stores, and supermarkets. If you’ve ever had the chance to step into a warehouse, they would surely be there.

Though what you likely have noticed over the years is the transition from fluorescent lights to energy-saving LED lights that have become a favorite amongst users.

Fluorescent Tubes vs. LED Tubes

Fluorescent Tubes were the most commonly-used fixture in commercial spaces for many years. They were bright, hot, and energy-draining. Thanks to LED technology, LED Tubes quickly became a go-to lighting solution in large commercial facilities for several reasons. Let’s break them down:

LED Tubes are efficient, mercury-free, and have average lifespan of 50,000 hours, which means you will rarely – if ever, depending on usage – need to replace them, making LED Tubes a favorable option over their old-school fluorescent counterparts. Even when reaching the end of their lifespan, they still produce quality light output and do not suddenly stop working when they have reached their capacity.

LED Tubes offer sustainability – both environmentally and financially – especially in commercial spaces requiring high quantities of lights. Unlike fluorescents, LED Tubes are significantly more energy-efficient and are therefore more sustainable for the earth and for your wallet, without sacrificing lumens. Additionally, LEDs do not give off heat like fluorescents do, so your AC unit can work more efficiently, without wasting money and energy.

Eye Strain
LED Tubes easily replace those not-so-great, harsh fluorescent lights that make your eyes hurt if you spend too long beneath them. Since LEDs do not emit UV like fluorescents do, you will avoid the eye strain and fatigue commonly associated with fluorescent lighting.

Verdict: LED Tubes are Game-Changers

Parmida LED Tubes

When illuminating large commercial spaces, it is important to light your space as efficiently and effectively as possible. Requiring such a large volume of Tube lamps can be a costly expense in terms electricity usage, and when factoring in the cost of ordering and installing future replacements. While Fluorescent Tubes have served commercial spaces well in the past, the introduction of LED Tubes is creating significant savings in both time and cost. In fact, it is become increasingly rare to see fluorescent lights in commercial spaces these days, as many industries are now opting to replace existing fluorescent lighting with LEDs. Thanks to their long lifespan and high level of energy-efficiency, LEDs provide unmatched savings and lighting you can rely on, proving to be the most cost-effective lighting solution available.

Switching from Fluorescent to LED Tubes and What to Keep in Mind

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Cashing in on these energy and cost-savings is as simple as switching your existing fluorescent Tubes to LEDs. When choosing which LED Tube to install in your space, it is important to first consider the diameter of the tube and the length of the tube to fit your fixture needs. LED Tubes come in a variety of lengths including 4FT, 8FT, and more.

If you are looking to replace older T12 fluorescent tubes, in most scenarios you can upgrade to LED T8 Tubes, which can be easily retrofitted into your fixture.

Parmida LED offers a variety of LED T8 Tubes in both 4FT and 8FT lengths available in both Frosted and Clear Lens. For our T8 Tubes, we offer two installation methods: Type B Installation where you can bypass the ballast, and our Hybrid Installation where you can install using either plug-and-play or ballast bypass. Each of our T8 tubes can be installed using single or dual-ended connection. All of our T8 Tubes feature a lifespan of 45, 000+ hours and are UL-Listed, DLC-Certified, Wet Location Rated, and FCC-certified, meeting strict requirements to be considered energy-efficient, safe, and reliable.

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