3CCT 5/6" LED Disk Light - Flush Mount Ceiling Recessed Light - 15W — Parmida LED Technologies

3CCT 5/6" LED Disk Light - Flush Mount Ceiling Recessed Light - 15W

Model No. : PLED-DISK5/615W3CCT-DIM-4P

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Product Description

The Parmida LED Technologies™ 5/6 inch 3CCT LED Disk Light is the latest Disk Light model in our store. The 3 Color Selectable feature allows for customizing light colors to create the perfect lighting for your home. The 0.4 inch thin Disk Light features as the ideal flush mount look, engineered for easy installation in any 5” or 6” downlight housing and any 2.75”, 3.5” or 4” Junction Box. This product is built with Steady-Dim technology and is compatible with most modern LED dimmers.


    • Wattage: 15W
    • Lumens: 1050lm
    • Voltage: 120V AC
    • Equivalent: 120W
    • Beam Angle: 110°
    • Dimmable: Yes
    • Material: Metal
    • CRI: >90
    • LED Driver Type: DOB (Driver on Board)
    • Base Type: E26
    • Life: 50,000+ hours
    • Efficiency: 88%


    • QUALITY AND SAFETY ASSURED: UL-Listed, FCC Certified, meaning they are both energy efficient and reliable. The Parmida Promise guarantees 50,000+ hours of use, and we have a 5 Year Warranty to give you peace of mind.
    • 3 COLOR OPTION SWITCH & DIMMABLE: Compatible with most LED dimmers to give you a smooth, 100-10% dimming experience, and set the color temperature to your desired level to create the perfect lighting for your home. Choose between 3 color levels: Soft White (3000K), Cool White (4000K) and Day Light (5000K). Please check our list of compatible dimmers in the photo options!
    • EASY TO INSTALL: These Low Profile Surface Mount lights can be installed into any 5 or 6 inch Recessed Can, or any 2.75, 3.5, or 4 inch Junction Box. Accessories for both installation options are provided with each purchase. Damp-location rated, ideal for under soffit and bathroom installations. With 1050lm,120V, 110 degree beam angle, and a long lifespan, our lights are designed to keep your home well-lit and keep you satisfied.
    • SLIM, MODERN DESIGN: Our Flush Mount Recessed Retrofit Ceiling Lights are ultra-thin (0.4” thickness) and made of metal for a fresh, sleek design, which provides a simple but elegant update to any room.
    • 5 Year Unlimited Warranty: Parmida LED Technologies' 5 year warranty and 24/7 USA customer service team provides you with ease of mind.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Donald BLount (Rogers, US)
    3 cct led

    Lid saver when homeowner can’t decide what temp. they want their LEDs to be, no more changing out a whole house worth of LEDs, just set temp to what they want

    Brad Sheldon (West Monroe, US)
    Nice idea but not a replacement

    I have purchased the 3k,4k and 5k products by the dozens. I needed a few 3k lights to replace ones that failed. Have had a couple 3k that failed in the last two years. I debated just getting more 3k’s but decided to give these new adjustable lights a try. The information does not really show the details of the lights so you can see the difference between them and a standard light. In my opinion they should say something like this product is not meant to be a direct replacement for a non adjustable light.
    The subtle differences are noticeable in appearance after installing.
    The new light does NOT have a direct damping cover over the led lights but instead has a whiter final cover. A standard next to an adjustable is noticeably different both in the unlighted and lighted conditions.
    I see these as a great addition to the product line but don’t do away with the standard products. If I had originally installed all of the new adjustable lights replacement would be of no concern. Enough said about interchangeably.
    The Pros:
    The new light has slotted mounting holes so you can install the screws into your box and position the light over the screws(in two of the three mounting holes) The old plate mounting holes pretty much forced you to use the long mount screws just so you could find your box holes easier.
    Nice that you can adjust the light to three different settings. Great idea! Wish it was available a couple of years ago as I would have used them in every location. It’s kind of difficult to picture different lighting conditions before you purchase and install them! I think the whiter cover looks better as well!
    It seems like the slots that hold the outside cover may have been tightened up just a little. The older lights had a cover fit that on occasion allows the cover to fall off especially in outside applications where wind can vibrate them loose.
    Great price for the value!
    Cons: Not many, most of them are really picky items. It is awesome that the wires are pre-stripped and then soldered but if they could be stripped even another 1/8” it would make for a better wire nut connection. Also winged wire connectors would be way better. The only thing that I use in the hardware kit is the mounting screws.
    The new mounting slots help with finding the box holes but like any slot installation want to move the plate when you are screwing in the fastener. Maybe a little wider slot would eliminate that condition.
    Not in love with the new packaging for at least the dozen pack but it probably saves packing material and time on your end. For a construction site it probably is an improvement when using them all at the same installation.

    All in all a very good product. Hopefully the durability is as good as the standard light on these new adjustable ones! Thumbs up for sure!