LED Slim Under Cabinet Light - Dimmable - Linkable - 120V

Model No. : PLED-UC120V-3KW-6P

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6 Pack
6 Pack
Color Temperature:
3000K (Soft White)

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Product Description

The Parmida LED Technologies™ 120V LED SLIM Under Cabinet Lights are made with impact resistant polycarbonate body making it durable and long lasting. Suitable for mounting to any desired surface, inluding cabinets, counters or closets.Compatible with most LED dimmers; please refer to our Compatible Dimmer List. Mount to surface with 3M double sided tape or screws (all installation accessories are included). Link up to 24 fixtures together with included linking cords, plug-in with included power cable into one outlet.


    • Wattage: 5.5W
    • Lumens: 330lm
    • Voltage: 120V
    • Equivalent: 27.5W
    • Beam Angle: 120
    • Dimmable: Yes
    • Material: Polycarbonate
    • CRI: >80
    • LED Driver Type: DOB (Driver on Board)
    • Base Type: Plug-In 
    • Life: 30,000+ Hours
    • Efficiency: 80%


    • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. Suitable for mounting to any desired surface, including cabinets, counters or closets. Made with an impact-resistant polycarbonate body making these lights durable and long-lasting. Instant start, NO flickering, NO humming.
    • ETL-LISTED. This product meets strict requirements to be considered energy-efficient, safe and reliable.
    • LINKABLE & DIMMABLE. Can link 2 or more fixtures together by using included linking cables. 100-10% smooth dimming capability. 
    • 5 YEAR UNLIMITED WARRANTY. Parmida LED Technologies' 5-year warranty and 24/7 in-house customer service team provides you with ease of mind.
    • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED. All installation and mounting accessories are included. Mount to the surface with 3M double-sided tape or screws. Plug-in with included power cable. Can link 2 or more fixtures together with included linking cables. Includes 5ft power cable, 24” linking cables, 3M double-sided tape, screws, screw covers, wire organizers.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Great for under cabinets lighting

    Great undercabinet LED lights

    Easy to set up and bright!

    We did a minor kitchen remodel (new backsplash, sink, fixtures, outlets, under cabinet lights, and countertops), and when it was all done, I asked my husband what his favorite change was -- he said the under cabinet lights. SCORE one for me who suggested it! These are really bright lights (we chose daylight brightness, since other lights in the kitchen are of the same temperature), and it really shows off the glacier white glass mosaic work that I did. My husband prefers to keep these on rather than the big general lighting fixture we have, when we can get away with it. They're also thin enough that it doesn't bother me, being 5' tall, seeing the light fixtures at eye level.

    One note - once you apply the stickies to stick these to the cabinet, they do NOT budge, so make sure you've got it right the first time! (One of my lights is ever so slightly uneven with the face of the cabinets).

    The included cable management stickies work well, too, and they're adjustable so you can work with the cables to get a secure fit. The cables are pretty long for the spacing in my photo, so we needed to double back on all of the wires to get them out of the way.

    We did hard wire these using the GetInLight junction box which had a light switch (although I don't really like the junction box, see my review on that page here: https://www.amazon.com/GetInLight-Junction-Plastic-Material-0501-3/dp/B01DSM82QU). The connections were the same and it looks like it might be standard across all under cabinet lighting. I'd recommend seeing if you can find a different one with the same connections, if you can.

    They are way smaller than I thought but they look great. Few things to note though...

    When I first opened the box I was surprised at how small they are which made me think they would end up not putting out much light (they are about the width of my thumb) but after plugging them in and seeing how bright they are, I ended up happy that they were so small since all that really matters is how much light they put out.

    I do wish they made them in a 2700 Kelvin light tone since that is a warmer tone than these which are 3000k, but they are close enough and at least they are not that bright white that a 4000k or 5000k puts off.

    It wouldn't kill them to put a few extra small screws in the bag. They are so small that it's easy to lose one, in which case you are screwed because they are such tiny screws that you will have a hard time finding them at the hardware store. While on the subject of the screws, be aware that you will need a very thin screwdriver to fit in the little hole that the screw recesses in (I am not just saying a small Philips tip, I mean the screwdriver shaft itself will need to be small since the screw is recessed in there like 1/2 inch.

    I do need to replace my dimmer switch though since the one I have makes them flash on and off when I try to dim below 50% because there is not enough of a draw. I got to see how dim they are capable of going though by hooking a regular light up to the same circuit to create a bigger draw. They dim way down very nicely.